Zhejiang Wei Lian Technology Co., Ltd. Listing Ceremony

Message from the Chairman:

      After two years of temper, "Wei-technology" has finally landed a new three-board. Today, the opening bell to ring the occasion, I have too many thanks, Thanksgiving, feelings to say.

      Thank you for a long time leaders and friends of the care and guidance! Thank the team members of the inspirational and co-ordination! Thanks to the efforts of all staff and pay! Without such support, we can not go now.

     Since the shares transferred to the company approved the date of listing, I am deeply responsible for the major, often Thanksgiving heart and even more diligent, much trust to work.

The next day, how many feelings, dash plan.

      First, the era of science and technology development opportunities given to the Wei. We produce all the products, is to improve the quality of human habitation, quality space for the global housing and careful service. Vigorously develop the green building, to achieve the construction industry industrialization, "national economic and social development of the thirteen five-year plan", the clear "new construction industrialization" as the key to guide the industry, which is a cusp, pig can fly industry, Wei-technology came into being at that time.

      Second, self-innovation preferences lead the industry. I always think: a business to develop, followed by others to go, followed by the market behind to go, not with the dead, is dragged to death, we must walk in front of peers, walking in the forefront of the market to jump up and see others can not see The distance ..., Wei-technology core value lies in forward-thinking and awareness and technological breakthroughs and innovation!

      Third, increase the talent development, marketing services, brand management aspects of investment. We have to "one meter wide, one hundred meters deep," the service concept to do a good job of customer value-added services to meet customer demand for invisible killer. I always firmly believe that: Wei Lian of the ultimate control, certainly from the target customers a high degree of dependence on us, no customers, everything is talking about.

       Finally, improve the team's ability to work together to expand the advantages of system solutions, accelerate the transformation of business model innovation, in order to achieve Wei Lian profit model subversion and reorganization.

      Do not forget the beginning of the heart, continue to move forward, Wei-technology aim to become "China's construction industry prefabricated molding equipment, the chief supplier!"