The Development Process Of Sandwich Board

Sandwich wall technology originated in the cold climate of developed countries in Europe and the United States, and gradually to the warm climate development, has been 50 years of history, divided into cast and prefabricated two production methods, prefabricated production conditions are better, The quality of the board is more assured, gradually become the mainstream.

Prefabricated concrete sandwich wall panels have just emerged, the main factor to consider is to solve the reliability of the connection between the three-tier structure, the general use of ordinary carbon steel as a heat transfer pull parts, pull pieces in a variety of forms, in order to connect reliable, Sheet of steel bar as a puller.

Metal insulation drawing parts have a certain thermal conductivity, there may be hot and cold bridge caused by heat loss, the process is invisible to the naked eye, but can be observed through the infrared imager, metal puller through the insulation board to form a cold Hot bridge, in the infrared photos, red dot parts of the hot and cold bridge is clearly visible.

The thermal conductivity of the puller made of stainless steel is much lower than that of ordinary carbon steel, which can reduce the heat loss of the puller and improve the durability of the puller and gradually form the system of stainless steel puller products such as Hafen insulation Accessory system, widely used in Europe.

In order to put an end to the hot and cold bridge, people think of the use of non-metallic materials to produce pull pieces, such as high-strength nylon, high-strength plastic, etc., but this type of pull-out generally easy aging and plastic fatigue problems, and even serious quality and safety Problem, has been gradually eliminated by the market.

In the 1980s, high-strength composite materials began to rise, such as GFRP, BFRP, CFRP and other materials, due to the high strength of composite materials, low thermal conductivity, flexibility and toughness, is used as an ideal material for the manufacture of insulation puller.

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