MBO Folding Experts Help In The World Printing Industry Development In Jiangsu Province

Xuzhou yuanhang K760 introduced folding machine is the typical equipment of MBO companies, it has been confirmed by MBO customers around the world the perfect folding effects, smooth work processes, mainly applied to 76x120cm within the format of the folding process. Its flexible processing capacity, quick change live time, minimal downtime and the exact folding quality is praised by many customers.

MBO K760 folding machine MC controller, electronic speed control, platform type fly to reach F660/760, with stainless steel folding fence tilting feeder, PU coated standard patented spiral fold roll, quick-release stainless insert cutter shaft and delivery platform that can be moved and so on. Among them, the MC micro-processing control system can improve efficiency, reduce the setting time. Automatic measurement of paper, automatically set the paper-length and paper space monitoring paper is running and displays an error message, system with multi-function counters, in addition to counting function can also batch.