Maintenance And Repair Of Cold Bending Forming Equipment

Cold forming equipment may appear a series of problems in use after a period of time, for example, not the normal operation, all kinds of problems in the process of operation, the operation to terminate, business process and performance. So why are these problems, and how should we solve them?

Let us first explain why the machine is not used long time on the problem, the first is probably not in accordance with the operating rules of the machine to operate, no regular lubrication, or not according to the specific circumstances, lubrication at the wrong time to do not need mechanical lubrication, and need to have machines in a dry environment. The operation has been fatigue. Without cleaning the machine regularly, some parts have failed and have not been replaced in time, and so on, which will lead to mechanical operation out of control.

So how do we maintain them?

First of all, according to the operating procedures to operate, timing, fixed-point, targeted, machine lubrication, bending machine must be kept clean, for serious wear parts should be replaced in a timely manner. Regular maintenance and maintenance of maintenance personnel.


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