How To Maintain The Wallboard Forming Machine

1, in addition to the wall plate vibration class guide rod grease and related parts for inspection, adjustment, cleaning, refueling and other routine maintenance, should also do regular maintenance work as follows; according to the actual working time calculation, a total of 1800 hours of operation, lubricating oil is the need for a gearbox, kerosene or diesel applications the gear box is clean before adding new oil. Check the oil level of the gearbox regularly, and close to the upper limit immediately if approaching the lower limit. In accordance with the provisions of the summer to join HL - 30 gear oil, HL---20 gear oil in winter, prohibited the use of different grades of gear oil mixed use. When the oil seal fails, the oil seal should be replaced in time,

2, wallboard machine vibrator should be according to the following provisions for maintenance; A, vibrator in handling and operation, should pay attention to handle, to prevent knock damage. B, the outer surface of the casing should be kept clean, so as not to hinder the cooling of the motor. C, the vibrator not normally found in operation such as sound or vibration is not normal and burnt smell should immediately disconnect the power down to check. D, rolling bearing grease using composite calcium base grease, pay attention to regular cleaning, in the dynamic operation of 150~200 vibrator hour replacement time, coating amount can not be too much to fill the bearing cavity 1/3 is appropriate, in order to avoid bearing heating. E, regular inspection of bearing, oil seal and other vulnerable parts wear, if found problems must be replaced in time.

3, wall extrusion operation, if the plate making quality difference and molding speed decline, should be down to check mixing blade, wallboard, vibration plate wearing parts; change the stirring knife, should be replaced to ensure the symmetry, uniform feeding.

4, this machine may not cover light wallboard placed, not a long time, Guan Jian parts should be oiled protection, and make the two front moving wheels and two rear wallboard four angle touchdown, horizontally, in order to reduce deformation.

5, in addition to the use of maintenance in accordance with the provisions of this specification, the user should formulate rules for safe operation of the extruder, capacity to implement the operation, to ensure the normal operation of the machine, to produce qualified products.


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