How To Correctly Use The Roller Shutter Door Forming Machine?

First of all, after receiving the equipment, the customer first hoist the equipment with a lifting device and place it on a strong ground, find a good level, and place it according to the actual site conditions. Before the shutter door opens, it is necessary to fill the oil in the gearbox first and add 60 milliliter hydraulic oil to the hydraulic station.

The second step: after the rolling shutter door equipment is finished, the equipment is lubricated, and the lubricating parts are rolling bearings, motor gear, chain and shearing device. The installation place of raw materials, prepare power, in the mill after the first pneumatic material into the first round tie group, we should pay attention to whether the shape of the product conforms to the requirements, or the screw adjusted up or down, until the necessary adjustment, it can tighten screw.

The third part: before the start of rolling mill, if gear and tie wheel by friction and damage, because there is no tie round add lubricating oil in the gear on, so the mechanical shutter doors in the maintenance time, should focus on the bar every 1 hours and the gear wheel and the gear box every 8 hours, every half a year and one oil.

The fourth part: before work, first put some suitable materials in the guide for correction, correction, after work, if there is a tripping phenomenon that the material in the mutual pressure around can be offset through the guide plate feeding on the swing feed position on the way to suitable products finally tighten the screw with a screwdriver

The fifth part: after waiting for the product to come out, if it is not straight or uneven, it needs to be adjusted on the modulator. First, set up the pendulum wheel until the molding wheel is formed, adjust the straightening wheel to the parallel state, and correct the left and right screws at the outlet of the straightener.

The sixth part: the positioning ruler of the cutting machine usually needs to be placed and leveled. The product made by the color clamp and the wheel is corrected or fixed according to the length required.