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Color steel plate is respected in the world of new materials. Follow the improvement of science and technology, environmental awareness increases, progress in people's living standards, color plate flow and demonstrated strong vitality and broad market prospects, construction, household appliances, machinery and electronics, transport, interior decoration, Office appliances and other industries, of all ages. Color steel plate housing, however, would float to the surface in varying degrees soundproofed well, in this situation and how to solve it?

Color plate is only do next door and door, color plate flow room live is not topics of, but homes has homes of using habits, if you think color plate do wall is looks on meet has, not is firm or not, noise effect and so on and other topics, that on should no topics, certainly ground and support you is impossible with color plate to do of, housing of basic bearing structure also have steel cement. Now, most of the building materials are more expensive than color plates, if you want to talk to plywood color plates will cost more than that.